Acting and… (An Actors’ Blog)

Welcome Welcome to my Actors’ Blog – ‘Acting and…’ I’m not even sure who will in fact read this and whether it will be interesting enough to warrant writing it, but if you are reading, then hi. Please feel free to comment. And if these posts achieve nothing else, then at least I’ve got some things off my chest – as a kind of self-help writing therapy. I never have kept a diary. I find the concept of ‘Acting and…’ pretty limitless in terms of the different posts we can explore together. Ideas spring to mind such as, ‘Acting and… Auditions’, ‘Acting and… Actually Earning Money’, ‘Acting and… Relationships’, ‘Acting and… Classes/Workshops’ ‘Acting and… the Business of Acting’, Acting and… Other Work’ – you get the idea. I’ve been musing on some of these ideas over the past week as I’ve redeveloped my actor website and found myself looking back at my life and career over the past 13 years in this industry, with every person and memory and feeling that looking at each credit brings. I do hope that if you join me on this journey of blogging then you’ll find my incoherent ramblings interesting, somewhat insightful, hopefully inspiring and dare I say perhaps even amusing. I will simply write what I know and write what I think, based upon my own experiences as an actor and human in this performance we call life. They won’t be very long posts and perhaps not that regular, but hopefully it’ll be quality over… Continue reading