Press Reviews

“Bernard Marcellin is the pivot to the story and the actor in the role needs to be completely in charge of his performance; Andrew Nash accomplishes this in spades, exuding a devious charm along the way.”

Cormac Richards (

“Andrew Nash pulls off Stanhope’s character well, playing the stressed young Captain with bags of unsettling menace.”

Jules Cooper (Bexley Times 24)

“Comedy cameos abounded, not least from Andrew Nash as an educated police constable…”

John Aizlewood (Evening Standard)

Director Endorsements

“I have to say he is one of the finest actors I have worked with. His greatest skill, I believe, is his ability to use a great depth of understanding of human contact and relationships to create a magnetic performance that engages throughout. He is a model actor; attentive, diligent, giving, focused, engaged, open and keen to not only take direction, but to use it effectively in finding a performance unique to himself in a way that complements the work of others.”

Rhys McClelland (Director): ‘Journey’s End’, Broadway Studio Theatre, Lewisham, 2007.

“He is excellent to work with as an actor and always open to try a different approach. He is an excellent, unselfish company member.”

Maggie Ford (Director): ‘Brezhnev’s Children’, BAC, 2005

Press Articles

Andrew Nash as Fleshcreep in ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ at the Royal Spa Centre

Oliver Williams (Leamington Courier, 2009)

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